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In today’s fast-paced and complex business landscape, effective collaboration and streamlined decision-making are crucial for organizations to thrive. However, many teams find themselves struggling to navigate through challenging discussions and reach consensus. This challenge is often solved when using an external facilitator: an impartial pair of eyes that can guide the group constructively towards the desired outcome.


What is facilitation?

Facilitation is the process of guiding a group towards achieving a specific goal or outcome. A skilled facilitator creates an inclusive and structured environment that encourages active participation, open communication, and collaboration. By fostering effective dialogue, managing conflicts, and maintaining focus, facilitators enable groups to maximize their collective potential and reach desired outcomes efficiently.


Advantages of using external facilitators



One of the primary advantages of hiring an external facilitator is their ability to remain objective. Internal facilitators may be biased due to their relationship with the team members, which can negatively affect the outcome of the meeting. External facilitators, on the other hand, bring a fresh perspective and do not have any personal interests in the meeting’s outcome. This impartiality ensures that all participants’ views are taken into account, leading to a more objective and productive meeting.



External facilitators are trained professionals who have experience in facilitating meetings across various industries and organizational structures. They are skilled in managing group dynamics, fostering collaboration, and managing conflict. They also have a vast knowledge of different meeting formats, such as brainstorming sessions, team-building activities, and problem-solving exercises. Their expertise ensures that the meeting runs smoothly and that all participants are engaged and involved.


Time management

Meetings can quickly become time-consuming and unproductive if not properly managed. An external facilitator can help to keep the meeting on track by setting clear objectives and timelines for each agenda item. They can also ensure that everyone has equal speaking time and that the meeting does not get side-tracked by irrelevant topics. This efficient use of time ensures that the meeting achieves its goals within the allocated time frame.


Increased Participation

External facilitators are trained to engage all meeting participants and ensure that everyone has a voice. They can encourage quieter members to contribute their ideas and prevent dominant personalities from monopolizing the conversation. This inclusive approach increases participation, promotes collaboration, and fosters a positive team environment.


Accountability and follow-up

An external facilitator can help ensure that the meeting outcomes are followed up on. They can provide a summary of the meeting discussion, action items, and next steps. They can also help establish accountability by assigning action items to specific individuals and setting deadlines for completion. This can help ensure that the meeting results in tangible outcomes and progress toward goals.



External facilitators are bound by professional ethics to maintain confidentiality regarding the meeting’s content and participants’ contributions. This confidentiality ensures that sensitive issues can be discussed freely without fear of retaliation or judgment. Participants are more likely to be honest and open when they know that their opinions are safe and will not be used against them.



In conclusion, hiring an external facilitator has many advantages, including objectivity, expertise, time management, increased participation, and confidentiality. These benefits lead to more productive and effective meetings, which can positively impact an organization’s performance and success. So the next time you’re planning a meeting, consider using an external facilitator to ensure its success.


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