March – July 2018

Development of IIED’s Value for Money Statement and Value for Money Guidance for Proposals.


Key responsibilities:

  • Hold interviews with IIED staff members to identify needs and priorities

  • Design and deliver a workshop with IIED staff members to discuss the contents of the deliverables to be produced

  • Draft an organizational Value for Money statement

  • Design and draft a Guidance Note on how to address Value for Money in proposals

Womankind Worldwide
July 2018

Development of Womankind World-wide’s Value for Money Strategy and Manifesto.


Key responsibilities:

  • Hold 10 Online interviews of Womankind’s staff to identify needs and priorities

  • Draft the VfM Manifesto and integrate feedback provided

  • Draft the VfM Strategy and integrate feedback provided

The Start Network
February – May 2018

Value for Money Analysis and Advisory Support.

The consultancy entailed four areas of work:


  • Support the 14 Disasters and Emergencies Preparedness Programme’s (DEPP) projects in completing the final VfM reporting template and accompany the project managers / project management units in this process

  • Provide an overall synthesis of the 14 DEPP projects and how VfM has been adopted in the programme overall

  • Assessment report of the value of having a DEPP coordination team and looking at best instances of money spent and areas of inefficient spend

  • Synthesis of the 14 DEPP projects sustainability statements and a closing report of the strengths and weaknesses of the DEPP when it comes to sustainability of activities

ActionAid International
July 2017

Development of a participatory toolkit for civil society monitoring of the CAADP Malabo commitments as part of the Public Financing for Agriculture Programme.


Key responsibilities:

  • Co-facilitate the NSA Sub-Indicator Planning and Methodology Development Workshop

  • Design and draft the tools for the indicators requiring participatory approaches

  • Review the Toolkit based on ActionAid’s feedback